What is Proxy?

The Proxy feature allows an employee to authorize another employee to work in their SuccessFactors account on their behalf. For example, if an employee will be unavailable or absent when a form is due, they can assign a Proxy to complete the form on their behalf.

The Proxy is the employee acting on someone's behalf. The Account Holder is the employee on whose behalf the Proxy is acting.

Assigning a Proxy means granting an employee access to another employee's account. Before an employee can act as a Proxy, they must be assigned to the account. One or more Proxies can be assigned to a single account, and one employee can be assigned as a Proxy for several accounts. documents

Things to keep in mind when assigning Proxies

Important! Any employee with Spreadsheet report permissions can view the Proxy Spreadsheet Report, which shows Proxy usage, such as which employees are set up as Proxies and which employees have assigned Proxies, for the entire company. As a security measure, you might want to grant the permission for the Proxy Spreadsheet Report only to selected employees. For information about defining Spreadsheet Report permissions, click here. For information about Spreadsheet Reports, click here.

Who can assign a Proxy?

As the Administrator, you can assign and remove Proxies for any account. You can also allow other employees to assign Proxies.

Employees who can assign Proxies can select which features of the Account Holder's account the Proxy can access.

For example:

For more information and instructions for specifying who can make Proxy assignments, click here.

Which features can the Proxy access?

When assigning a Proxy, access can be granted to all or part of the Account Holder's account. These selections are permanent and can't be changed later. The only way to change these selections in the future is to remove the existing Proxy assignment and create a new one.
Which features can you allow the Proxy to access?

About Proxy access to private goals

To be able to access an Account Holder's private goals, a Proxy must be expressly granted access to private goals.

You can grant access to private goals only when making the Proxy assignment. Once granted, private goal access can't be revoked. If you don't grant access to private goals when making the Proxy assignments, you won't be able to grant it later.

The only way to change private goal access in the future is to remove the existing Proxy assignment and create a new one.

How do employees become a Proxy?

Any employee assigned to act as a Proxy can become a Proxy at any time. To do this, the employee can click the Proxy link on the Options tab, then click the Become Proxy link and select the Account Holder from the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu shows all the accounts for which the employee can act as the Proxy.

What do you want to do?

Look up existing Proxy assignments

Assign a Proxy

Remove a Proxy assignment

Allow all employees to assign a Proxy

Allow only specific employees to assign a Proxy

Enable Proxy lookup for the entire company