Fast Facts about working with competencies

This page presents some of the commonly asked questions about working with competencies in a form.  

What are competencies?

Competencies are the professional skills and attributes required to perform a job role. Competencies describe the contributing factors that enable employees to function in their role capacity, such as knowledge, experience, skill, attitude and other professional characteristics.

Tip Your company might use the term skills or the phrase performance factors instead of the term, competencies, to describe this concept; but it all works the same way in SuccessFactors.

Competencies are used in the Competency sections of review forms to evaluate the performance of an employee. All competencies are stored in a Competency Library. You can't change the text of the competencies.


What's the difference between competencies and competency behaviors?

SuccessFactorssupports both competencies and competency behaviors. Your company uses one or the other, but not both. Competencies and competency behaviors work in the same way in a review.

  • Competencies
    Competencies are the professional skills and attributes required to perform a job role. Competencies describe the contributing factors that enable employees to function in their role capacity, such as knowledge, experience, skill, attitude, and other professional characteristics.

  • Competency behaviors
    Competency behaviors are demonstrated actions, attitudes, or activities actually exhibited by employees to show proficiency in a professional skill.

To summarize, competencies are the actual skills or attributes, and competency behaviors are the actions you do to prove proficiency in the skill or attribute. All competencies and competency behaviors are stored in the Competency Library.


What's a Competency Library?

A Competency Library is a page in SuccessFactors that stores all the competencies (and competency behaviors) available to you to use when doing a performance review of an employee. You can select any competency from the Competency Library to add to a review form.

In the Competency Library, competencies are categorized by job family and job role, to make it easier for you to find a relevant competency. The Competency Library also includes any custom competencies developed by your company to address a specific job role.

You can't add or remove any content from the Competency Library, and you can't edit the competencies listed in the Competency Library.


Who picked the competencies that appear on your form?

If your Competency section is already populated with a number of competencies,  then either:

  • The form is designed to automatically pull in relevant goals from the Competency Library.

  • Someone in your company (such as a manager or a Human Resources representative) identified the competencies relevant to your job role, and added them to the form.

The competencies are generally recommendations, and sometimes you can add or remove them during the review event. Your company decides whether or not you can do this.

Additionally, if your company has core competencies, which apply to every employee, then those competencies might also automatically show up on your form.


Why does your form have a blank Competency section?

If your Competency section is blank, then your company is allowing you to manually add the competencies you want to include on the form.

To add competencies to the form, you can pull them from the Competency Library. You'll only see the competencies available to you.

Learn more about adding competencies.


Why does your form have more than one Competency section?

Some companies evaluate employees on different sets of competencies, for example, core company competencies, job role competencies, and career development competencies. To make it easier for you to evaluate a person on the different sets of competencies, each set is grouped together in an individual Competency section.

In the example given, the form has three Competency sections—one for core company competencies, one for job role competencies, and one for career development competencies. The rating scale and weight distribution can be unique for each section.


What's evaluation content?

Evaluation content is a general phrase that describes all the individual goals and competencies that an employee will be assessed on during a performance review.

At the start of a review event, or during a review planning phase, someone adds the evaluation content relevant to the review onto the review form, meaning that they add the exact goals or the exact competencies that will be evaluated. Only the goals and competencies listed are applicable to the review event. This process can be done by the person being reviewed, or by someone on their behalf, such as a manager or a Human Resources representative.

Sometimes, the form with the evaluation content is routed back and forth until everyone involved is officially in agreement about the content.

Once the evaluation content is finalized, the form is routed again, but this time only to gather feedback comments about the goals or competencies on the form.


What's in a Section Summary?

The Section Summary gives you a brief overview of only the content included in the section. For example, if the section includes three competencies, those three competencies would be listed in the Section Summary. Additionally, if ratings or weights have been applied to any of the three competencies, then those values are reflected in the Section Summary.

If you don't see a Section Summary area in your view, then your company isn't using this feature.


How to you add more competencies to a form?

If you see an Add Competencies button in the Competency section on your form, then you can add more competencies to the form; otherwise, you're limited to the existing ones. Competencies are pulled from the Competency Library. Your company decides whether or not to let you add more competencies.

Learn more about adding competencies.


How do you remove a competency from a form?

If you see a Remove button next to a competency listed on your form, then you can remove it; otherwise, the competency is permanent. Your company decides whether or not to let you remove competencies.

To remove a competency, click the Remove button next to the competency. Only that competency is removed from the form. You can repeat the process with other competencies.


How do you add feedback comments?

Your review form has blank fields where you can provide comments. You can type your thoughts and ideas in these fields and they will be recorded with the rest of the evaluation. Additionally, you can use writing tools to help you create effective feedback, such as Writing Assistant, Legal Scan, or Spell Check.

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How do you rate a competency?

How do you weight a competency?

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